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"The batteries were just as powerful as others on the market, cheaper, and lighter. Weight                                          was important to us and Switronix fit our demand perfectly."

Zacuto Rentals started in 2000 when Steve Weiss and Jens Bogehegn started to rent out their Panasonic Varicams. Since they only had 3 cameras that were high in demand, they had to cut back on their owen production to focus on the rental company. Years later in 2005, Weiss and Bogehegn moved onto making accessories when Joe Dejulius came to Zacuto to work on a commercial they were producing and ended up staying there to take over the rental department. Fast forward, Zacuto has become a leader in the insustry of renting and creating camera accessories for filmmakers, all the while Joe has been holding down the fort as a Rental Manager/Director at Zacuto.
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Are you a filmmaker whose interested in sharing what life is like on-and-off set?

If so, our new campaign is for you! The Lifestyle Project will consist of filmmakers and/or photographers giving everyone an inside look of their life on-and-off set by sharing 30 creative photos involved around the Switronix brand in 30 days
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