Client spotlight

"The TorchLED [220R] light by Switronix is the most versatile ligh
t I've ever found for wedding and event filmmaking."

World renowned wedding cinematographer, Ray Roman, films high profile weddings including those for star athletes and royals, and receive the award of Top 25 Hottest and Most Influential Studios by EventDV Magazine. Switronix and Ray connected after it was discovered that Ray relies on TorchLED Bolts(220 and 220R models) for his productions. He was thrilled when we asked if we can produce “Client Spotlight” on him because he’s a huge fan of the Bolt. He told us it’s the most versatile light he’s ever found for event filmmaking.
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Are you a filmmaker whose interested in sharing what life is like on-and-off set?

If so, our new campaign is for you! The Lifestyle Project will consist of filmmakers and/or photographers giving everyone an inside look of their life on-and-off set by sharing 30 creative photos involved around the Switronix brand in 30 days
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September 9, 2014

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