Q: Where do I send my repairs/returns?
A: After receiving an RMA #, please mail your product and RMA form to:

Switronix Service
87 Garden St.
Westbury, N.Y. 11590
Service 516-750-9675

87 Garden Street
Westbury, NY 11590


Q: How long are my Switronix products under warranty?
A: Switronix warranty coverage is as follows:
NP Batteries: 1 year 
Brick batteries: 1.5 years; 1 year on RED products
Hypercore Batteries: 2 years
Powerbase: 1 year
Chargers: 3 years
Electronic Regulation Cables (XP) and Accessories: 1 year
Non-regulation cables(PT): Lifetime 

Q: My Switronix product is not working and is out of warranty. What are my options?
A: Switronix offers lifetime support on our entire product line. We are happy to assess your product issue and discuss available solutions.


Q: Is my Switronix battery compatable with other charger models?
A: The Hypercore Gold (3-Stud) series will also charge on Anton/Bauer Lithium Ion chargers firmware V3.6 and up. V-mount offerings will also charge on IDX, SONY and RED chargers.

Q: Will my Switronix charger charge my current battery system?
A: Switronix V-mount batteries can charge on almost any V-mount lithium battery charger. Contact us for specific compatability questions.


Q: Why isn't my EXL-96 transfering power to the camera.
A: Make sure your cable is plugged in to respective part of the housing. (ie. DC cable into DC input on Sony camera)


Q: Why is my Switronix Flex remote is not working properly with my Canon 5D, 7D, or 60D.
A: Please make sure you are in video mode (Press AF drive button. Click function wheel 3 ticks to the right.)
Q: Can I purchase directly from Switronix?
A: Switronix sells through a large dealer network. To locate your local Switronix dealer, visit "where to buy" page.

Q: Can I purchase specific parts through Switronix?
A: Parts may be purchased through Switronix directly at MSRP.
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