Colony Video is a full-service production company based in Connecticut. They have worked with various different clients such as Marriot, Detroit Lions, and Vineyard Vines, just to name a few. We came across their company from co-founder, Michael Fagan’s BTS photos on social media featuring Hypercore 98AG powering their Sony FS7. See more below to get an inside of the behind the scenes at Colony Video and how Switronix gear assists them in their productions. Read more here. 
"It started with the PowerBase and my time-lapse addiction for running 24+ hour timelapses that showed the movement of tides and mountain weather. But then it grew into using Switronix gear for everything with the HyperCore solution for RED and the V-Mount charging setups."

The unique full-service production company, Camp4 Collective, creates an extraordinary array of work. Just to name a few projects they’ve worked on, they’ve produced commercials for The North Face and Apple, to feature film “Sherpa,” and shorts “Breaking Burma” and “Across the Sky.” We got the chance to catch up with one the co-founders and directors of Camp4 Collective, Renan Ozturk. Take a look here to see who they’re all about.

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