Jetpack Upgrade

First and foremost, thank you for being a Switronix Jetpack owner! We are very excited about our next generation Jetpack X line featuring battery backup, and we want to make sure all Jetpack owners have the opportunity to get their hands on a new one. You have two options on the upgrade, 

You can get a $200 loyalty instant rebate on a brand new Jetpack X, and you can keep you current Jetpack.
You can get a $250 trade-in instant rebate on a brand new Jetpack X, and send us your current Jetpack for an upgrade.
MSRP are below including loyalty and trade-in costs 

SKU                             MSRP LOYALTY TRADE-IN
JPX-A-BASE          $619    $419          $369
JPX-V-BASE          $619    $419          $369
JPX-A-BMCC       $629    $429          $389
JPX-V-BMCC       $629    $429          $389
JPX-A-XLR             $629    $429          $389
JPX-V-XLR             $629    $429          $389
JPX-A-EPIC          $679    $479          $429
JPX-V-EPIC           $679    $479         $429


Freight costs and customs duty(if applicable) are additional. All units ship from New York, USA.
Please fill out the form below. Upgrades and trade-ins are done are a first come, first serve basis. Upon completing the form someone will be contacting you to validate, anticipated ship date, payment information and shipping options.

contact support@switronix to see if you qualify
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