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The Switronix XP-L95RED V-Mount Battery Pack is a durable, high-capacity Lithium-Ion battery pack designed expressly to power the RED One/Epic/Scarlet cameras. Communicating directly with the camera, the battery uses its 4-stage LED power gauge to deliver the exact percentage of remaining capacity. At the same time, internal protection circuits ensure safe operation by monitoring temperature, over- and under-charge, and cell balance.

For those REDusers that travel, this battery can be legally transported without restrictions under IATA, ICAO, and UN regulations and includes a integrated P-Tap on the side of the battery allows you to power any 12vdc device from this port.

NEW 2nd Generation DURA Casing
1 year Warranty

**Will charge on any Lithium Ion V Charger, including RED


Capacity: 95wh (14.8v, 6.6Ah)
Size: 3.8" x 5.87" x 2"
Weight: 1.8 lbs.


Part #: XP-L95RED