Warranty Details

Switronix PRO-X Battery Systems offers one of the best warranties in the industry. Switronix pledges the highest quality of support on our entire product line.

NP Batteries: 1 Year Warranty
XP batteries: 1.5 Year Warranty; 1 Year on RED Products
HyperCore Batteries (98, 150, 190, Prime): 2 Year Warranty
Hypercore Slim: 1 Year Warranty
Powerbase: 1 Year Warranty
Chargers: 3 year Warranty
Electronic Regulation Cables(XP) and Accessories: 1 Year Warranty
Non-regulation cables(PT): Lifetime Warranty

NOTE: Products purchased from unauthorized Switronix dealers (ie. those not listed on our dealer locator) will NOT be covered under warranty. Switronix will not service these products even if the user is willing to pay for the repairs.

If you have any concern about whether a reseller is an authorized dealer, please contact us prior to purchase.
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